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Discography: Appearance on CD/DVDs:

Haggard: “Awaking The Gods” – Live in Mexico (2001)
Haggard: “Eppur Si Muove” (2004)
Spi-ritual : “Pulse” 2006
Equilibrium: “Turis Fratyr” 2005, “Sagas” 2007 (only choir) and on “Rekreatur” 2010
Helfahrt: “Sturmgewalt” 2006
Varg: “Wolfszeit/Schildfront” 2007
Darkdream: “Behind dead eyes” 2007
Ars Irae: “Ignis fatus” 2007 and  “Verwelkt” 2005
Howling syn: “A taste of modern evil” (Canada) 2007
Nota profana: Demo 2009
Braveride:  “Rise of the dragonrider” 2010
Factory of dreams “Utopia” 2010
Beto Vasquez “Infinity” 2010
Nostra Morte (Mexico) – song NOVA – 2012
Cantus Lunaris – Debut CD – Ensemble for old music May 2013
Nota profana – Devils Playground – February 2013
Theatre of NIght  – 2013 2 Christmas metal songs
Dominia – Death only – Septbember 2014
Fri Siel  – Vanquish – September 2014
Sub Pup Music – Submersive – Track: Forgotten – November 2014
Diskelion – Remember Sorrow – Dezember 2014
Sub Pup Music : Weighted Ground – Tracks: Tears of War and Shining Hope – Jan. 2015  BrandX Music- DinDuin-Tom Gire LA-Dez.2015,,                                                               BrandX Music -ELENDIL-Tom Gire- CD- Los Angeles March2016,  CD:”Fallen Angel” by Amadeus Nov2016, ADVENTURIA Vol 1 by Antti Martikainen-Dez.2016, Cantus Lunaris: Spirits and Carols Dez.2016
Cantus Lunaris – Formosus Fons – 2017 und Coronatus

Works with Composers you can find here:

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Listen/Download Cantus Lunaris                                              Intro of the song Por que llorax – Outro : Por que llorax

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Listen Theatre of Night Christmas metal :What child is this and Carol of Bells 

Nota profana – CD “The Devils Playground” –                             

Spi-ritual – PULSE:

Examples of my works with composers: Different Voice Technics and Genres:
Vocal Reels / Player – all voices by Gaby : (except:* some Duets)

One Track – DIfferent one take improvisations with different voice technics:

Some exmaples of recording Chidreens Voices :

Whole Choir recordings – all voices :

Some exmples out of Epic Cinematic Soundtrack and Game Genre:

Some examples of Classical and Pop-voice recordings: (*Duets)

Ethno Music Tracks:

My first Horror Movie Soundtrack Appearance in Twighlight Online with the composer Florian Linckus :

Sub Pup Music Releases:

Excerpts of Metal CD Releases:

IF you do not have time listen to a MIX-Medley:

Youtube :  Dixiliand – War Wraiths :  or
War Wraith – Whole Trailer:

Epic -soundtrack -band- projects with Equilibrium:

Mix from Ethnic to Classic: (CD)

Commercial jingle: (Improvisation)

Covers with pop-voice:

Breathy soft breast voice – first try recording:                         

Tenorina voice at 4:00 :
Big Band – darker voice:

Offical movie-trailer of – WAR WRAITHS- TV-Series- Preview: (Choir and solo vocals on 1:50 + 5:50)


MP3 – Cantus Lunaris  – Live:

WGT – Wave Gothic Festival 2013 Krypta LIve Konzert:ärentanz.mp3
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