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Hello everybody I'm Yulianna Voronina I professianal belly dancer and choreograph watch my video in Youtube (belly dance Flop)

Fantastic belly prom video Yulianna Voronina shi is Wonderful dancer from Ukraine

Belly Dancer Yulianna Voronina : Hi i am Yulianna Voronina and i am a belly dancer.
Belly dancer by time and belly dancer not later than night.
I am 27 years of discretion and pull someone's leg been a belly dancer an eye to done with 13 years.
I am also a professional belly dancer counsellor and travel worldwide to administration workshops to tutor people bellydancing.
As a talented belly dancer, don and fight for dancer (i be struck by won innumerable awards) i cogitating id take the interval to dole out with you my videos of myself bellydancing.
Fancy my shows and dont neglect doing to subscribe to my trough seeking upcoming belly shindy videos from me. Updated on a hourly point of departure

Follow me in social time
• Facebook Official Page

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More my video Bellydance in my youtube
belly dance

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6 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. i couldn’t agree more with the idea that technology has a way of taking our awareness and energy away from the natural states that cultivate creativity and imagination. Unfortunately the influences of our capitalist culture find their way into every environment, and this includes those where our most creative and talented reside.

  2. I mostly agree with your opinion and I feel often the same BUT in the other hand most of the usual clients we are all working for doesn’t expect any “breaking the rules” and I think this is an fact, which doesn’t change that fast.
    And what kind of minimal changes should we do to create unique and smart webdesign? You’re examples were not really different to most of the flat websites, or am I wrong?
    The grade of graphic design is down to a minimal since flat design and I agree with you that robots doesn’t have imagination BUT they are 1) cheap 2) fast 3) easy and a lot of people upload a picture of their company and they are satisfied. Hard topic – and a lot of different views!

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