My current Bands and Projects

Diseklion: REMEMBER SORROW – Double female fronted Symphonic metal Band –  Click and Listen to Remember Sorrow  and Downoad at   or                                                                                               You can download on Amazon, spotify, i-tunes and many other plattfroms.


CANTUS LUNARIS: Old music ensemble : founded 2012

New CD Release soon: FORMOSUS FONS – Collection of Renaissance and Early Barock Repertoire in a more Celtic Style 🙂 Prelisten  2 . CD – Formosus Fons:  release soon with the Starguest Tom Boyd – Oboe – of famous Soundtracks with composers like Hans Zimmer etc (1400 Soundtracks like Titanic or Spiderman)

Release Dezember 2016 : SPIRITS AND CAROLS