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Thanks to my fans who did not forget about me!
I am happy for any constructive, objectiv and detailed critizism or questions on my projects – please don´t hesitate to e-mail me personally: gabykoss@web.de !:-)
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Greetings from Gaby 🙂

klassisch-mittelalterlich -Taufen-Beerdigungen-Messen-Veranstaltungen – Weihnachtsfeiern – Jubiläum
Klassik – Medival- Rennaisance – Barock – Musical – Gospel – Jazz – Pop
Orchester – Ensemble ( auch alte Musik, klassisches Streicherensemble) – Orgel – Piano – Gitarre – Geige – Duettpartner (Alt/Tenor/Countertenor/Bariton) – kleiner Chor (Gospelchor)
Kostenlose CD mit Beispielliedern erhalten Sie unter: gabykoss@web.de
Mottohochzeit: Mittelalter, Renaissance, Barock, Celtic

Mit dem Ensemble für alte Musik:- Cantus Lunaris – buchbar:  3-10 Musiker  (Gesange, Harfe, Drehleier, Dudelsack, Flöte, Oboe, Violine, Gitarre,..)
Hochzeiten – Weddings – Events- Festivals – Booking:  Tel. 08441-787102

For all who search for a singer for their wedding, search at the Main Menu  “Music Projects”. Also there is the medival or rather ensemble for old music : Cantus Lunaris you can book as wished with 3 up to 12 musicans !
You can order a free CD with different examples of songs and arias from Classic, Gospel, Musical or Pop fitting for weddings in church, of course some are sung with my voice, you can have a repertoire list, decide for a male or female duet -partner or a gospel-choir (4 to 12 people).  It is also possible to get Roberta Kelly (Gospel and Pop-singer: Hit:”Lady Bump”+ “Fly Robin fly” http://surf.to/robertakelly#  ) singing in duet with me..
Order at: gabykoss@web.de

Contact :  gaby(@)gabykoss.com         Booking – Phone: +49-(0)8441-7865741

Purchase Cantus Lunaris Debut-CD “Fabual Antiqua” at salescantuslunaris@gmail.com  Hope you enjoy!:-) also on itunes, bandcamp, spotify, a.m.m.

Also when you are into metal : NOTA PROFANA  – Purchase the new album “THE DEVILS PLAYGROUND” at amazon, i-tunes …

Diseklion: REMEMBER SORROW – Double female fronted Symphonic metal Band –  Click and Listen to Remember Sorrow  and Downoad at          https://diskelion.bandcamp.com/releases   or http://www.reverbnation.com/diskelion/song/21349245-remember-sorrow                                                                                     On youtube Prelisten the CD Medley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNul1IdJjyg         You can download on Amazon, spotify, i-tunes and many other plattfroms.


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