NEWS 2016:

Dezember: Release of Cantus Lunaris: “Spirits and Carols” – Christmas CD

Release of “Adventuria Vol 1” by Antti Martikainen – Epic Soundtrack Album

January : Release of Alexey Soloviev Composition with Alexey Mester/violine

February :Recordings for FLorian Linckus : Soundtrack and Sandro Mirkomatique

March: Release of Brand X- Label – Composer Tom GIre: Track Elendil , Starting recordings for Cantus Lunaris Christmas CD



  • News 2015:

January – working on CL and seeing new musicans, Working on a Rap song with the Rapper Chad Jones . Sub Pup – CD – Release : “Wieighted Ground” :                                   Working on metalilzing the Cantus Lunaris songs , More new Instrumental recordings for the Cantus Lunaris CD: Formosus Fons


  • NEWS – 2014:

Dezember : Collaborations with the composers MikroMatik (Sandro), Max Legend for the new Sub Pup Music release and Exagy

November: Release of DIskelion : Remember Sorrow Listen at Bandcamp , Christmas Concerts with Cantus Lunaris, Sup Pub CD Release : Submersive

October: Release Dominia CD – Russian Gothic melodic metal band : Theopania : Recordings for Sandro

Septermber: Release of the Horror Movie Motion Picture and Soundtrack : Twighlight Online ! LIsten:

August: More violine and contrabass recordings for the new Cantus Lunaris CD: Formosus Fons ! Watch/ Listen: Soneto

June/July: Concerts at Crana Historica with Cantus Lunaris. Finishing the recordings for the Diseklion CD REMEMBER SORROW ! with great musicans and singers !

April: Concerts with Cantus Lunaris , Mastering of the Diskelion CD in the Helionstudios,  Flying to Malaga for recordings for a band

March : Recording the harp for Cantus Lunaris new Album: Formosus Fons as also we have a very very Special guest on our CD from Hollywood.. let yourself suprise..

Recrodings and mixing in the Heionstudios of my Solo Album with Tom Harris – Diseklion/Triskolian final strikes with also a lot of guest singers – you will be suprised… 🙂

February: Studio sessions again for Diskelion and Cantus Lunaris.. hope this month it will come to an end for those 2 projects so that we can release eventually !!!! Domina is almost done with mix and master and soon be released.

January : Diskelion recordings – a new guest singer appearances ! Suprises ! Allready into premixing Diskelion, Cantus Lunaris: structuring and only my vocals have to be done.


  • 2013:

Dezember: Recordings of vocals for Diskelion and working on new recordings of Cantus Lunaris with Albert Dannenmann,

October/November : Recordings for the russion Melodic Metal Band Dominia, more Diskelion and also Cantus Lunaris 2nd CD recordings have to be managed .  New guest apperances on the projects such as Ex-Haggard Doro with Gamba/Violine , Dunkelschön for one song : Michael with Harp and Monka with Cello

September: Recording for the new Solo Project Diskelion started with the guitar player and composer from England: Tom Harris

August : Recordings for the new Cantus Lunaris CD are developing.

June:Wave Gothic Festival – WGT- was great ! 🙂

Recordings for War Wraith, Cantus Lunaris 2nd CD and Disklion

May : 23rd of May 2013 release of Fabula Antiqua – Cantus Lunaris

before available at 19th and 20th of May at the WGT – Wave Gothic Festival

April : Recordings -Mix and Master of the Cantus Lunaris CD – Fabula antiqua !

March : Vocal recordings for Cantus Lunaris and Dominia

February :Recordings for the new Cantus Lunaris Album with Samuel, Arthus and Tommaso in the Dreamsoundstudio. Some recordings for different composers like JD-Hermien, Ryo Ishido, Alexey Soloviev,

January : Recording in the Helionstudios for the Cantus Lunaris CD with Flute, oboe, hurdygurdy, whistels, crumhorn, bagpipes… Prelisten: Outro-Por-que-llorax



Dezember: Prelisten for the Christmas metal CD Release at  2013  in Ocotober :   Theatre of NIght: What child is this  and Carol of Bells
January: Movie- Trailer WAR WRAITHS – Preveiw from the USA   Watch on youtube
February: Offical Foundation of the Ensemble Cantus Lunaris  an Ensemble of old music : Folk, Medival, Renaissance.
Soon a secret will be announced: a double femal fronted folk metal band… recordings allready started..
A new interview: Nocturnal Euphony
May/June/July Concerts with Cantus Lunaris

August concerts in Venezuela with Nota profana

September/October recordings with Cantus Lunaris

Dezember: Video Prelisten of the new Nota Profana CD Watch September 2011: Recordings for Hermine JD
August 2011: Vocal-recordings for Nota profana, Working with Jonas – a classical composer – on my CD- great songs already there…:-) and next week first vocal recordings for impressions and ideas ,
Choirworks with Coronatus in the studio in Mellrichstadt
July 2011: Studioworks with Rene in the Helionstudios
June 2011: 3 Studioprojects show up for this year : 2 in France with Phil and Adam and one in Uruguay with Martin – I am really looking forward to this and present you the results next year…
May 2011 Studioworks again for solo project, soon coming up 3 new songs  – a collaboration between great musicans – a singer called Maika Cerrres and Tom a composer from England
April 2011: Vocal recordings for a band as a suprise-guest in Evenoire
March 2011:  rehearsals for a short guest apperance with
Coronatus on the 13th of March in Stuttgart
February 2011: Writing lyrics and having funs Sessions with Samuel
January 2011: Recovering from Flue and soon rehearsals for concert

Dezember 2010: Christmas concerts with musicans from all over the     world
November + Dezember 2010: Working on my own music and lyrics
Ocotober 2010: Aeternum concerts
August + September: Recordings for a project
July 2010: Studiowork and rehearsals for a new project
June 2010: Release of REKREATUR the new Album of Equilibrium Listen
March-April-May 2010: Recording for several projects
February 2010: New homepage out:
Experimental session with Juli and Seb Lee (Cosmic Vortex) listen.
Recordings for the new Equilibrium-CD.
January 2010: Recording (Helionstudios) of a new song of Beto Vasquez – Infinity – New Album.
Dezember/January 2010: Release of the new CD of Factory of Dreams –
A strange Utopia- CD : Emotion

Dezember 2009: Voice Recordings for the new CD Recordings for Nota profana and Death Army will start soon at the Helionstudios
November 2009: Out now: New Demo Nota profana
October 2009: Recordings for Nota profana and Beto Vasquez in the Helionstudios
August and September: on Tour with Nota profana and Exsecror Vecordia
July and August: Recordings for a Demo of Dorian Opera, Death Army and working for Nota profana and Beto Vasquez from Argentina for his project Infinty
June 2009: Recordings for the folk-metal band Braveride from Spain
More recordings for Factory of dreams a duet with Jessica Leto
May 2009: Classical concert with Tenore Oscar la Torre and choir  – 9th of May
More recordings for Factory of dreams, collaboration with Beto Vasquez from Argentina and recordings for  Preachers of Dawn
April 2009: More Recordings for Factory of Dreams
News also from Excecror Vecordia: waiting for confirmation about some concert dates in Mexico in the first 2 weeks in September!

Also the confirmation  for concerts in Venezuela with Nota profana for May/June is still to be done.
March 2009:  Recordings for Factory of Dreams in the Helionstudios
Meeting with Dorian Opera for Future Projekts!!
Concert with Death Army Milano on the 14th of March
In contact with Nota profana for concerts in May 2009
February 2009:    Concert with  DEATH ARMY  21st of February Horningfest 2009
Ill covo antiquo Brescia
January 2009:
Good news about entering into nagotiations about concerts in Mexico this year with Exsecror Vecordia and in Venezuela with Nota profana!!
New interview from Sheol-Magazine
Recordings for the new CD of  Ars Irae 2008:
Dezember :   Weihnachtskonzert – Christmasconcert on the 20th of Dezember

Just for fun some songs form the rehearsal on 20th before the concert with all musicans (Andy Peschke (ex-Haggard) Flute-Tenor, Lady Violine -Violine, Carolina Gonzales – Alto) :
Air-Bach  Pie Jesu   Let all 1 2   Drummerboy Ave Maria  How beautiful  He shall  Panis angelicus  Zion
on 15th with Piano and the Alto Carolina Gonzales:
Barcarole  oh mio babbino  Besame  Amazing grace  Noel  Stille Nacht   Für mich  Hjo de la luna  Sometimes searching for the lyrics, tones and tunes!!!!;-)
November 2008: Now new Bandmember/Soprano of:
NOTA PROFANA (Caracaz-Venezuela) and
DEATH ARMY (Milano-Italy)
14th of November: Support band at the Slayer “Unholy Alliance”- Tour
in Milano /Italy with Trivium, Mastadon and Amon Amarth
with Death Army  pics
October 2008:  Visit the Octoberfest and the Helion-Festival on 4./5./6. weekend
Add us: myspace
September 2008: Working on songs with my keyboarder Marco
August 2008;  Prepearations for the Helionfestival on the 4th of October

July 2008: 2 concerts at the Sighisoara-Festival on the 26th/27th
Equilibrium is now in the Top 30 for 3 weeks!
June 2008: Now female-singer of new band and the composer/keys Marco
also with Ex-Haggard Andy (Flute/Tenor) hopefully Manu
(Equilibrium drums) will stay with us for more gigs…;-)
Equilibrium SAGAS released with Nuclear Blast !
March/April/May 2008: Composing for my first CD..
February 2008: Howling syn -Release!
January 2008: Recordings for Death Army myspace   homepage 2007:
Dezember 2007:
a little bit of christmas rehearsals and new pics …
November 2007: Collaboration and vocal recordings for the Band Death Army
October 2007:  Some vocal-exercises – don´t take it for serious!;-)
Warm up: 1 2  1 2 3 4  H
G   Koya   Melody

September 2007: Working on a concept for a collaboration with Aeternum.
August 2007:
Requiem of Bandidos “Fonse R.” with relatives and hundreds of BMC-Club-members from chapters all over the world  who after the requiem held a minute of silence and then started right in time all their Harley Davidsons and left the church-place with the reverend to drive to the grave..
Gaby-Samuel:ZION  Samuel:AMAZING GRACE         Gaby:MEMORIES
Gaby:GO DOWN       Samuel:NOBODY KNOWS         Gaby:ONLY HOPE Soon there will start recordings with Nota Profana Homepage
July 2007:    Equilibrium recordings for the new CD started..
June 2007:   DarkDream short-cuts online!
May 2007:    Dark Dream -recordings for the album “Behind dead eyes”
April 2007:
Guestmusican at the band ELANE and Live-video-recording  Watch short movie or

March 2007:  Howling Syn and Varg  Samples to listen..
February 2007:
Interview /spanish: Here
Elane Joran, Lady of Carnage and me decided to do a project together – we already met for a brainstorming session….:-)
Howling Syn´s Cd now is mastered..
January 2007:  Recordings with the band “Ars irae” online on the Music – Link
Recordings for Howling Syn have ended..

Dezember 2006:
The files for 2 songs of Howling syn arrived in the studio – so there will be recordings for some parts as soon as possilbe.
October 2006:

Requests from Bands about colloberation from all over the world.
That makes me happy!:-) So I will see what the new year will bring!
The new CD of Equilibrium with Nuclear Blast will come out next year in spring!
September 2006:
Two new songs online – Check out the music-link! :-)
Photos and interview about the Helionstudios:

August 2006:
Check out Sasemas recordings on the music – link.
Check out another friend of mine:
Listen at: Listen here    or
Order at:

July 2006:
A friendship with a band abroad called Howling syn might combine their style with the voice of Gaby in 1 or 2 songs for the next album.
Interview mit Rene von Equilibrium und Gaby:

New voice-recordings with Ex-Haggard singer SASEMA (“And though shalt trust …the seer”. Soon her new project, beside her Gothic-Rock -CD, will be finished and you will hear some soundsamples soon!

June 2006:
A new recording for  the  new  released Helfahrt -CD (Death metal band ) and Beyond the void (Gothic Rock Band) will soon be to download on the Musik link.


May 2006:
Besides classical concerts I will have a Gospel-concert on the 28th of May in Munich with Roberta Kelly (sang with Jacksons 5, Donna Summer…)

April 2006:
I recommend:  or

March 2006:
-Singing Gospels with Roberta Kelly
(Pop-Star from the 80ies with “Lady Bump”, “Fly Robin Fly” a.s.o.)
-Organizing the “Symphonie of Peace” with the Munich promotor Tonicale/Musikerlebnis for “The 50th anniversary of the European Union” in Brussels in March 2007



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