Gaby Koss as seen with Haggard, Equilibrium, Nota profana, Cantus Lunaris, Death Army, Aeternum and many more.. soon with Dominia, Diskelion, Theatre of Night, Triskolian,… and guest in many other projects and bands..

Gaby Koss was born in Munich, Bavaria, Germany and she alwayswas singing a lot allready also solo in scholol. When she was 10 she started piano playing with a weekly teacher and visited the weekly local church- choir. She studied Music and Pedagogy at the LMU ( Ludwig- Maximilian-University) in Munich. Beforhand she took private singing lessons with the vocal teachers like Dietrich Schneider (who was teaching very known professional singers and the famous Tölzer Knabenchor) and now since many years she is with her teacher and tenor Saverio Suarez Ribaudo in Munich who is very experienced and also works with a lot of professinal singers.. During studying she worked at the Munich state opera and had sundry opera productions she was part of, as well as many church concerts and many other projects and bands with she was touring through Europe, Mexico and Southamerica. Still she is working with a lot bands and also with composers for filmmusic. 2012 She founded the Vocal Instrumental Ensemble CANTUS LUNARIS at beginning year. This Ensemble of international musicians Gaby met during her tours and projects are professional educated and from many different countries what allows them to have a very big repertoire from a lot of different countries plus styles from medieval, Renaissance, early Barock but also Sephardic and Folk/Celtic. If wished even covers of Blackmores Night, Loreena McKennitt or Soundtrackmusic like Braveheart to Lord of the rings and other. 2013 The Debut- CD FABULA ANTIQUA release was 15th of May 2013 with the Celtic Repertoire of the Ensemble. The new CDs are into studio recordings with songs of Renaissance and Sephardic. Also they are also into composings of a Medieval-Rock CD.

Member  in Bands:

Haggard Soprano from 1998-2004
Equilibrium Guest singer from 2005- ?
Nota profana soprano 2009 -?
Aeternum soprano 2008-2011
Death Army soprano 2008-?                                                                                            Cantus Lunaris : founded 2012                                                                                               Dominia: soprano 2012                                                                                                           Theatre of Night : soprano 2012 – ?                                                                                       Diskelion: Soprano 2012 -?


Discography: Appearance on CD/DVDs:
Haggard: “Awaking The Gods” – Live in Mexico (2001)
Haggard: “Eppur Si Muove” (2004)
Spi-ritual : “Pulse” 2006
Equilibrium: “Turis Fratyr” 2005, “Sagas” 2007 (only choir) and on “Rekreatur” 2010
Helfahrt: “Sturmgewalt” 2006
Varg: “Wolfszeit/Schildfront” 2007
Darkdream: “Behind dead eyes” 2007
Ars Irae: “Ignis fatus” 2007 and  “Verwelkt” 2005
Howling syn: “A taste of modern evil” (Canada) 2007
Nota profana: Demo 2009
Braveride:  “Rise of the dragonrider” 2010
Factory of dreams “Utopia” 2010
Beto Vasquez “Infinity” 2010
Nostra Morte (Mexico) – song NOVA – 2012
Cantus Lunaris – Debut CD – Ensemble for old music May 2013
Nota profana – Devils Playground – February 2013
Theatre of NIght  – 2013 2 Christmas metal songs
Dominia – Death only – Septbember 2014
Fri Siel  – Vanquish – September 2014
Sub Pup Music – Submersive – Track: Forgotten – November 2014
Diskelion – Remember Sorrow – Dezember 2014

Jan 2015 : Sub Pup Music – Colossal  : Weighted Ground – Tracks: Tears of War and Shining Hope
Nov 2015: Brand Music – Ancient Times – Track : Din Duin                    
Warner Brothers:Christmas songs: Leise rieselt der Schnee                     Dez 2015:Colossal Trailer Musics – Creepy Creepers – 2Tracks 

Jan 2016 – Fire Haste Music – Track : Ubreakable                                      Mar  2016: Brand X Music – Tom GIre : Elendil
Cantus Lunaris – Formosus Fons – 2016


Works with composers:



Januar: Tom GIre – Elendil,  Van Adrian – Song Bruder,

Februar: Alexey Soloviev- Unbreakable ,


January : Ahidema : Shaolin, Frank Pfeiffer-Exagy : Epic track : The book of secret, Chad Jones : Rapsong : Magnificient,

February : Amadeus Al : Gospel/Pop,

March : Epic track -Recordings for Chris Le Blanc , Horror track movie recording: Florian Linckus

April: JD – Horror, Soundtrack – Epic fiction movie JAGON – Onur, Tarcn,

Peter Jeremias – Epic – Really Slow Motion,

May: Amadeus Al – Epic track, Ron Morina – one epic and one trance song.

June: Peter Jeremias – Christmas Song (release at Warner Chappell Music – CD Nov 2015), Florian Linckus – Tribute to James Horner,

July: Panos Kolias / Rob Schröder – Overdirve, Amadeus Al – Epic /Celtic song,

August: Ron Morina – 2 Trailers, JD Hermien – CD – Horror Sountrack Music,

Romain Paillot – Soundtrack -Horror – Kids voices,

September: Tom Gire / Peter Jeremias – Dragon Tale (Celtic/Epic) , Alexey Soloviev – Epic Trailer : Unbreakable, Patric Jeremy PJK – Epic Trailer- Hommage to Hans Zimmer – Humanity United

October: JD Hermien – Horror Tracks, Panos Kolias – Overdrive, Amadeus Al – Epic track,

November: Warner Brothers/Chapell – Christmas Songs – Peter Jeremias: Leise rieselt der Schnee, Peter Jeremias – Horror Tracks, Jano B – 2 Epic tracks , Van Adrian – Song : Berlin,

Dezember : JD Hermien – Horror Track Corridors, Peter Rohe – Epic Track : Devine,




Dezember: Patric Jeremy : 2 titles,

Massimilliano Fonti ( Max Legend): Track: Tears of War – Sub Pub Music : “Weighted Ground”

November : Florian Linckus , Sandro : Christmas song: Silent Whisper

October: Sandro- Mikro Matique : Track: Forgotten For Subermersive- Sub Pup Music : “Submersive” – Release 2014 & Track: Shining hope  for Sub Pup : “Weighted Ground” – Release 2015

September: Ivan Torrent – Reverie

November :Florian Linkus soccer lovetheme and …

September: Ryo Ishido – Invictus

Florian Linckus: more recordings Horrormovie Twighlight Online, recordings for the Series: Dr. Jin

April/May : Florian Linkus: Horrormovie Soundtrack for “Twighlight Online” – Release: 2014

February : Ryo Ishido, Florian Linckus (sky,TV-commercial) and

Sean Beason and with Tom Boyd (for my project)



November : Hendric Bünck

October : Michael Maas immediate music

March: Recording for Ryo Ishidos ONE


2011 recordings for the composers JD Hermien for the US Series : War Wraiths and other projects and Composer : Seref Alexander / Helionstudios. Soon new seasons will be broadcasted.